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Tree Care in North Andover - Let Us Save Your Surroundings

North Andover Tree Services - We have the tree care solutions you've been looking for.

When it's time to take charge of tree care in North Andover, you want to hire the best tree care specialists to assist you. Why? Because if you don't, you could end up with a bigger problem. You could end up with lifeless or dead trees or trees that never reach their fullest potential. Not to mention all the money wasted trying to save a tree that you can't because you're working with an inexperienced contractor.

Tree care requires a level of knowledge, education, and training that not all possess. North Andover Tree Services has gone through years of schooling and spent enough time in the field to provide excellent tree care services of all types.

If you're not sure what you need to save your landscaping, give us a call. We will send someone over to do a FREE assessment at your convenience. So reach out to us today for tree service in Andover!

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Our Tree Care Services in North Andover Are Limitless!

Tree Trimming by North Andover's Safest Professionals

Tree trimming is one tree care service in North Andover that you may think you can do yourself. However, if you don't have the right tools and equipment, it's not only challenging but downright dangerous.

Our team has the machines, tools, and methods to do your tree trimming the right way, and more importantly, safely. Discover what's underneath all that overgrown foliage and reveal the potential of your landscaping.

Call us to set up your first appointment!

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Tree Pruning Could be What Tree Care Service You've Been Missing

Did you know that tree pruning in North Andover is something you should schedule regularly? In fact, we recommend you have your trees pruned at least once a year. Things like overgrown branches, dead limbs, and other situations may call for more frequent pruning sessions.

Without ever climbing a ladder, you can have your tree pruning done by our expert tree care professionals. Find out all the details when you call our crew!

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Tree Shaping in North Andover - Unveil the Beauty in Your Trees!

Some species of trees demand tree shaping in North Andover. If you fail to trim back and shape the tree, you're practically wasting your money by having it on your property at all. Also, it's not giving you the total level of beauty and appeal if it's not formed the proper way. And that's something that requires a professional.

Tree care in North Andover includes tree shaping when you have a lot full of overgrown, ugly-looking trees on your property. First, learn more about it by visiting our blog. Then, give us a call for all the details.

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We're Planting New Trees & Transplanting What You Have

Could your yard use a few more trees? Do you have some trees on your property that have outgrown their space? Tree planting and transplanting is another service that our contractors provide to help lighten the load. 

We bring in the heavy-duty equipment required to get your trees in the ground in a hurry. Start breathing that fresh oxygen and enjoying the new view in no time. Call today for a FREE custom quote!

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Shrub Trimming in North Andover by Our Timely & Creative Crew

Shrub trimming in North Andover is arguably one of the most dreaded chores of homeowners. When the shrubs start to overtake your yard and your driveway, it makes your entire property look uncared for. However, who wants to waste their Saturday trying to tackle the mess?

North Andover Tree Services will show up regularly and get your trees trimmed to perfection. You'll never have to worry about it again, and your neighbors are sure to be envious of how incredible your lawn looks.

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Cabling & Bracing - Get the Extra Support Necessary Now!

Do you have a tree on your property that's on the verge of toppling over? Then tree cabling and bracing might be your best option. You don't want to deal with what could potentially happen if that tree fell down and landed on your car, your house, or worse.

We have sturdy equipment and proper techniques for keeping your trees in the upright position where they belong! Learn more by checking out our previous work, then contact our crew.

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Tree Disease Treatment - The Time is Now!

There are times when diseases will take over your trees. Some of the infestations of insects, bacteria, or viruses get eliminated with our superior, modern, and high-tech tree disease treatment options. However, if your tree is beyond being saved, we won't waste your time or money.

Our expert tree care arborists will do a thorough evaluation of your tree and complete testing to determine what's wrong. Then, we will outline your options for either making the tree healthy once again or cutting it down.

Trust what we tell you is honest and factual. It's our promise to all of our customers!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"When a large oak tree fell on our shed, we weren't sure where to turn for emergency removal services. Thankfully, I came across North Andover Tree Services and they were able to arrive onsite quickly and complete the removal process. I thought the crew was exceedingly professional and charged me fairly. I'd definitely recommend them for emergency services! Grateful for this company's fast action."
- Nora J.

Our Service Areas Include the North Andover Region and Beyond!

North Andover Tree Services is excited to announce the expansion of our MA service areas. Not only do we provide excellent tree care to the local community, but we also travel to all nearby cities and towns. So if you're in or around Andover, Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, or Boxford, give us a call. We could be coming to your neighborhood next. Quotes are FREE, and satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

A Tree Service Company in North Andover That Puts Value on You & the Environment

North Andover Tree Services is fully prepared to safely handle all of your tree cutting, tree removal, and tree care requirements. We go above and beyond for 100% satisfaction for all of our customers!  Call us at (978) 233-3988
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