Tree Root Removal in North Andover is Important

The Best Tree Root Removal in North Andover

Why is tree root removal in North Andover essential? Many homeowners believe leaving a tree stump and roots on their property isn't a big deal. After all, removing it only helps make the yard look better, right? In some cases, cutting tree roots in a lawn is a matter of aesthetics. However, we want to emphasize that it is much more than a way to make your landscaping more beautiful. It also keeps you safe from harm and free from unwanted pests.

For over 20 years, we have provided outstanding tree care services in the local area. Our tree root removal is one of the most critical services because it can prevent many problems on your lawn.

To find out why this service is critical, call us today to speak with one of our representatives and get a FREE estimate on tree services in North Andover.

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Why Should You Get Tree Root Removal in North Andover?

You may not think removing the stump on your property is a big deal. In fact, you may be a homeowner who wants to turn an old tree stump into a work of art or some type of seating to blend into their landscape. While these are some creative approaches to an annoying eyesore, it is a better idea to eliminate the stump with our tree root removal service in North Andover. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Keeps you from ruining your lawn mower
  • Allows you to have more usable space in your yard
  • Prevents reckless roots from destroying parts of your property
  • Minimizes the possibility of destructive pests
  • Prevents trip hazards
  • Improves your curb appeal

There are so many reasons you should get tree root removal in North Andover, most of which don't have to do with aesthetics. Protect your home and your safety by getting this essential tree service. Call today for a FREE quote.

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Help! My Tree Roots Are Invading My Space

If you've recently had a tree cut down on your property or recently moved to a property with a tree stump, you may think there is no harm in keeping it there. After all, the tree stump is completely dead, right? Unfortunately, a tree stump is not entirely lifeless.

For some trees, when the tree is removed, and the stump remains, this tree stump can start to regrow. This may not seem like a big deal. But a tree that is still growing could begin to cause foundation problems or problems with your underground pipes. Additionally, the tree may start to sprout mushrooms nearby which can make small children and pets sick if consumed.

Besides the tree growing and causing damage to your property or causing sickness, the remaining tree stump may become home to some of the worst types of pests. Carpenter ants, beetles, termites, mice, and more can build a habitat within the stump. As long as the stump is on your property, these pests can get into your home and infest it, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Don't let the remaining tree stump on your property wreak havoc on it. Call us today for a FREE estimate on tree root removal in North Andover and schedule an appointment.

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Commercial Tree Root Removal in North Andover

Residential customers aren't the only ones who need tree root removal in North Andover. Commercial customers can benefit from this service also. Many commercial customers need to have land cleared for their projects. This includes space for parking lots, building homes, creating golf courses, building office parks, streets, underground pipes, and more.

Besides getting commercial tree root removal in North Andover to clear the land for your projects, it is also a good idea to get commercial tree root removal to protect your tenants, employees, and customers from harm. Tree roots and stumps that remain on your property after tree removal may save money. However, long term, it could create a legal liability if someone trips over them on your property.

Do you need commercial tree services on your property, such as tree root removal in North Andover? Call our tree service company today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE estimate on this service.



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Other Reliable Tree Care and Removal Services We Provide

While tree root removal in North Andover may be an essential service that you need to keep pesky critters at bay and prevent injuries, there are also some other removal services we offer to keep your landscape beautiful. We offer tree trimming, pruning, limb and branch removal, cabling and bracing, and planting. Whatever your tree service needs are, you can count on us to be there to help! Call today for your free estimate!

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