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We love trees. But safety comes first. 

You may be familiar with North Andover Tree Services because we provide other tree care services such as trimming and pruning, shrub trimming, tree shaping, planting, and transplanting services. However, as much as we love to save trees throughout the community, there are times when we have to remove them.

For over 20 years, the community of North Andover and nearby cities have called us to help them with their tree care and removal. We have consistently provided top-rated services throughout the local area, keeping customers safe from tree collapses. Our experts aim to provide customer satisfaction with each service we offer. For that, we have become one of North Andover's most trusted tree companies.

Are you ready to join our many satisfied customers? Then, call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on our tree services or tree removal in North Andover.

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What're the Benefits of Tree Removal Services?

Sometimes it's necessary. 

As arborists, one of our greatest joys is being able to save trees. They are a critical part of the environment and are essential to preventing climate change. But there comes a time in every tree's life when it's best to remove it. Unlike trees that grow in the wild, trees near a property can create many hazards. Therefore, we must assess the health of trees and remove them, treat them or remove them before they cause severe damage or injury. Here are some reasons we remove trees in North Andover MA.

  • It creates better curb appeal for homeowners
  • Keeping the tree may cause harm to other trees due to the spread of disease
  • It protects your family and property from harm
  • Local brush fires from lightning strikes are minimized
  • The tree is dead
  • Local businesses need to expand

While we go out of our way to save trees, there are times when tree removal is necessary. Do you think you need tree removal on your property? Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get your FREE quote on our North Andover tree removal service.

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Types of Tree Removal in North Andover

Call Us If You Need Fallen Tree Removal

A tree may often fall on your property because a storm has blown it down. Strong winds or ice may topple most or all of your trees. In some cases, the tree may fall onto your house or car prompting the need for fallen tree removal in North Andover.

While you're lucky to have skirted disaster, you will still need someone to remove the unsightly mess of branches and limbs from your yard. Therefore, our tree experts can help you get this heap of mess hauled away to get back to normal.

Do you have a fallen tree in your yard that needs to be removed? Call us today for a FREE estimate on tree removal service in North Andover.

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Do You Really Need Small Tree Removal in North Andover?

A small tree on your property may be adorable, but it may cause more trouble than it's worth causing the need for small tree removal. For instance, some small trees on your property may attract destructive pests which could eventually make their way to your home.

Another problem that small trees can cause is problems to your foundation from their roots. Additionally, their roods can cause your sidewalk to lift out of place, creating a trip hazard for your guests or passersby. Still, another problem that your small tree makes is an encroachment on your neighbor's property near the property line. Consider getting small tree removal in North Andover MA to save yourself money and stress.

Don't let your small tree grow to be a big problem! Instead, call us to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote on our small tree removal service.

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You May Need Large Tree Removal If Branches Keep Falling

If you keep hearing thuds on your roof from branches and tree limbs hitting it, this could indicate a problem with the large tree on your property. Most falling branches aren't dangerous and could mean that your tree is long overdue for pruning and trimming. However, if your tree isn't healthy and we can't restore it to health, it may be a good idea to get large tree removal in North Andover.

Large falling tree branches and limbs can cause severe damage to your roof or car if larger sized ones fall. But it would help if you didn't have to wait for a hazard to occur to call us for help. One of our knowledgeable arborists can inspect your tree to determine if we can salvage it. If not, we recommend you get tree removal before it causes irreparable damage or injuries.

Call one of our friendly, dependable customer service reps today to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on our tree removal in North Andover.

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Get Emergency Tree Removal in North Andover, MA After a Storm

Days after a storm is usually some of our busiest times. This is because many customers call us to report a tree down on their property. We work quickly to dispatch our arborists to get the tree off your property, especially if it is tangled up in electrical wires. Just contact us for our 24/7 emergency service, and we will be there as soon as possible.

Having a tree fall during a storm is devastating. But in many cases, we can prevent this from happening if you establish regular tree care services. Our arborists are trained to recognize trees that are at risk for collapse. Sometimes the structure of the tree may be compromised due to fungus growth, pest infestation, or lack of pruning. We may try to save the tree. However, if the risk of collapse outweighs the benefit of keeping the tree, we will recommend removal.

Call right now if you need our emergency tree removal in North Andover! We will dispatch our arborists for emergency tree removal, which is available 24/7.

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Is It Time to Cut Down Your Sugar Maple Tree?

Sugar maple trees are a very common species in New England. We all love these trees for their dense crown that changes to varying shades of red, yellow, and orange in fall. In the spring and summer, they provide a substantial amount of shade. Unfortunately, we aren't the only fans of sugar maples.

Verticillium Wilt is a fungus that attacks maple trees at the root and works its way up the tree. Additionally, maple worms and gypsy moths also like sugar maples. Our arborists can attempt to treat these infections and pest problems with our tree treatments. However, if the diseases or infestations have spread too far and have compromised the structure of your trees, we recommend tree removal.

Is it time to say "farewell" to your beautiful sugar maple tree? Contact us today to get a FREE quote on tree removal in North Andover.

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"When a large oak tree fell on our shed, we weren't sure where to turn for emergency removal services. Thankfully, I came across North Andover Tree Services and they were able to arrive onsite quickly and complete the removal process. I thought the crew was exceedingly professional and charged me fairly. I'd definitely recommend them for emergency services! Grateful for this company's fast action."
- Nora J.

Our Tree Service and Removal Areas Near North Andover

An enormous amount of our customers reside in North Andover. However, we also provide tree removal services to clients who live in Andover, Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, and Boxford. So, if you live near these areas, we may still provide tree services within your community. Call us today to get a FREE quote on our many tree services.

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