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Our Top-Rated Tree Cutting in North Andover

If you need tree cutting in North Andover, count on the experts at North Andover Tree Service! We work quickly and efficiently to remove your aging or diseased tree to prevent damages to your property or injuries to your family.

For many years, we have provided tree felling services in North Andover and surrounding Andover, Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, and Boxford. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, planting, transplanting, disease treatment, removal, and more. Additionally, our arborists are certified and insured and practice the utmost safety when removing trees from your property.

Does the tree on your property need removal? Contact one of our pros to inspect your tree and provide a no-obligation estimate on our quality tree removal in North Andover.

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Signs You Need Tree Cutting in North Andover

As arborists, our primary concern is to preserve the trees in our local community. However, if trees jeopardize people's lives and property, we work quickly to remove the threat. There are many reasons you should consider getting tree cutting in North Andover. Here are a few.

  • Structural problems with your tree that could lead to a collapse
  • Your tree is dead or dying
  • Your tree is infected with an irreparable disease or pest infestation
  • The type of tree in your yard attracts disease and bugs and needs replacement
  • Your tree is causing harmful damage to your home's foundation that can't be corrected
  • The tree is causing obstructions that pruning and trimming can't fix
  • To make way for new construction

Although cutting down trees in North Andover is our last resort, if keeping them on your property is not a good option, one of our trained experts will encourage you to get tree removal services. Call today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE estimate on tree cutting.

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Why You Need Tree Cutting in North Andover Now!

If you need tree cutting in Andover, don't hesitate to get this essential service immediately. Unfortunately, some homeowners put off getting tree cutting services due to the costs of tree cutting services in Andover. However, as with other essential home improvement services, cutting down trees that could be potentially hazardous is an excellent decision.

Although some trees on your property may seem harmless, they could be suffering from a pest or fungus infection that is destroying the tree below the surface. Pests such as carpenter ants, Emerald ash borers, elm bark beetles, and other harmful pests can destroy trees on your property, leaving them susceptible to collapse. Likewise, your tree can develop diseases such as twig blight, leaf spots, powdery mildew, and root rot that can also weaken the structure of your tree.

When pests and fungi ruin the structure of your tree, even the slightest wind may blow it down. Unfortunately, your homeowner's insurance may not cover trees suffering from disease or pests before the collapse. This is why it is critical to establish regular inspections on your trees to ensure they are not suffering from disease or pest infestations.

Are you ready to start regular tree inspections, so you don't have to get emergency tree cutting in North Andover? Call today to schedule an appointment and get a FREE quote.

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Need A Tree To Replace the One We Remove?

When we remove trees from your property, it may give you much-needed space for other additions to your property, including swimming pools, patios, and landscaping updates. But not every homeowner wants to have such a void on their property, particularly if they don't have intentions of changing the landscape. Although we remove trees, keep in mind that we also plant them. So, if you have grown to love your elm or oak tree and want another one, we can help!

As arborists, we love trees just as much as you do. They are the perfect addition to your landscape and are a great help to the local environment. Additionally, trees add value to your home and can help regulate your energy costs. So, it is understandable that you want to replace your missing tree with another tree so your landscape won't look barren.

Are you ready to add more trees to your property after getting our top-rated tree cutting services in North Andover? Call today to learn more about our tree planting or tree removal services for your home or business and get a FREE estimate.



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"When a large oak tree fell on our shed, we weren't sure where to turn for emergency removal services. Thankfully, I came across North Andover Tree Services and they were able to arrive onsite quickly and complete the removal process. I thought the crew was exceedingly professional and charged me fairly. I'd definitely recommend them for emergency services! Grateful for this company's fast action."
- Nora J.

Other Tree Services You Need in North Andover

Tree cutting in North Andover isn't the only service North Andover Tree Service provides. Did you know that using our other services to keep your tree healthy can prevent tree collapse on your property? Getting our outstanding services such as pruning, disease treatment, pest control, and shrub care can keep the trees and bushes on your property healthy. We provide such services for both residential and commercial customers. Call (978) 233-3988 today to learn more and get a free quote on any of our top-rated services!

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North Andover Tree Services is fully prepared to safely handle all of your tree cutting, tree removal, and tree care requirements. We go above and beyond for 100% satisfaction for all of our customers!  Call us at (978) 233-3988
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