Need Tree Branch Removal in North Andover?

Tree Branch Removal North Andover - Trimming Isn't Only For Aesthetics

Many homeowners feel that tree branch removal in North Andover will help a tree look better. Removing branches and limbs from your tree will give you greater curb appeal. 

But did you know that tree branch removal can also be a way to prevent hazards? When you don't prune your trees regularly, they may develop numerous limbs that aren't necessary to the tree's structure. This overgrowth of limbs could start to fall from your tree, causing damage to your property or your neighbor's property. An overgrowth of limbs can also compromise your tree structure, putting it at risk of collapsing. 

Our expert arborists at North Andover Tree Services understand the dangers of excessive tree branches and limbs. This is why we work quickly and diligently to remove unnecessary tree branches and stems from our customers' properties. We provide this essential tree service to residential and commercial customers in North Andover and the surrounding areas. 

Don't let unruly tree branches cause harm to your property or well-being. Call today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote for this and many of our other top-rated tree services.

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Reasons Why You Need Large Tree Branch Removal 

Trees are an essential part of the environment. That's why we work hard to preserve them. However, there are times when they can cause problems for residents and businesses alike. In such cases, we encourage customers to get tree branch removal or one of our other critical removal services. Here are a few reasons you may need to get tree branch removal in North Andover.

  • It prevents injury.
  • Tree branch removal protects the integrity of the tree.
  • It provides better curb appeal.
  • Tree branch removal allows for greater visibility.
  • It allows for more sunlight to get to your lawn, possibly preventing lawn disease.

Do you think that you need a few branches removed from the tree on your property? Our tree experts can inspect your tree and determine the best course of action. Call today to get a free quote.

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Get Limb and Branch Removal in Andover Now to Prevent Hazards

Trees are one of your property's most independent vegetation types and don't require much to grow. However, just because trees are relatively separate doesn't mean they don't need regular care. Overgrown tree limbs and branches can cause many problems for residential and commercial customers.

One of the most common problems that tree branches can cause is damage to a home. For example, overgrown branches knock off roof shingles, break windows, or interfere with a reception for solar panels or dishes that may be mounted on your roof. Another problem with branches is that they can grow into power lines, creating a hazardous situation and even causing a power outage.

Still, another problem with tree branches is that they can break off once they become too heavy for the tree. This can cause substantial damage to parts of your property, including your car. It may even cause injuries.

Don’t let high winds create damage from excessive tree branches and limbs. Instead, call today to have one of our arborists inspect your tree branches and remove unnecessary ones.

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Let Us Be Your Company for Trimming Tree Branches in North Andover!

There are numerous tree companies in North Andover that you can choose to provide tree services. However, if you want a tree service that provides a personal touch and expert tree care and removal, then count on the pros at North Andover Tree Services to deliver!

For over 20 years, we have helped our customers keep their trees and shrubs healthy. Additionally, we have removed trees that interfere with the safety and well-being of our customers. As a result, we have become one of North Andover's most trusted tree companies, and we are ready to provide these services to you.

Let us help you keep your trees healthy and thriving. Call today for an appointment and get an estimate on one of our many fine tree services.



See what our customers have to say:
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"When a large oak tree fell on our shed, we weren't sure where to turn for emergency removal services. Thankfully, I came across North Andover Tree Services and they were able to arrive onsite quickly and complete the removal process. I thought the crew was exceedingly professional and charged me fairly. I'd definitely recommend them for emergency services! Grateful for this company's fast action."
- Nora J.

Need More Than Your Tree Limbs Removed?

Tree limb removal in North Andover is one of our more popular tree services. However, this isn't all that we offer. If you want to keep your trees disease and pest-free throughout the seasons, it is a good idea to use our tree care services to restore your trees to health. Unhealthy trees is a major source of structural damage and tree collapse that could put your family and your valuables at risk. In addition to helping, you keep your residential trees healthy, we also provide commercial services for local businesses. Whether you need a new tree planted or an old one removed, call on the experts at North Andover Tree Services.

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A Tree Service Company in North Andover That Puts Value on You & the Environment

North Andover Tree Services is fully prepared to safely handle all of your tree cutting, tree removal, and tree care requirements. We go above and beyond for 100% satisfaction for all of our customers!  Call us at (978) 233-3988
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